magna est veritas et praevalebit
Happy 2015!
So here we are in a new year, 2015. But sorry to say that politically Elbert County is still in the 1940s. Oh sure we now have electronic tabulation for elections so little things like ballots disappearing (yes that has happened in the past) doesn't occur, we have computerized signature verification so that people don't get to vote (Chicago style), and the last two County clerks were scrupulously more professional so now some self-important dude from Simla wasn't allowed get back where he shouldn't be and fool with the ballot box. So technologically we have improved over some of the nonsense which occurred in the past.

Where we fall back into the 1940s is attitudes. Somehow people have come to accept that institutionalized corruption is permissible and even expected. For as many houses of religion we have in Elbert County, all of which preach some form of "thou shall not lie," it is amazing that idea doesn't permeate our politics and how we allow our government (local and national) to operate. Somehow a whole lot of folks have accepted the notion that being conservative means it's okay to lie, cheat, and steal (from the Wall Street scams, all the way down to elected officials who use their office to profit themselves and their friends). It's pervasive; it's ugly and it's easy to understand why young people and honest folks who don't operate in that manner eschew the people and politics that do.

It's increasingly more difficult to sort out facts and truth because those who game the system are getting ever more astute at it. Granted, everyone's life is really busy and it takes a lot of time and dedication to sort out your average whopper from the behind-the-scenes manipulations that are going to hurt you or your neighbor. And New-Plains has had enough traffic in the last couple of years to make an educated guess that there are people out there wanting to know the truth. Though pressed for time, they still want to know what's going on. To that end New-Plains will now fade away and be replaced by a broader more directed website (click button below). Generally speaking truth to power is seldom welcomed, so the website will be following this credo, "Sometimes, you just have to be offensive to offensive people" - Max Nofziger.

The "powers that be" will surely find instructive and something new to lie about.