Eleven members of the Democratic Party showed up to caucus in Precincts 16, 7, 9, 15, and 8 at Rattlesnake Meadow Station #253 at 125 Meadow Station Road on the County's western end at 7:00 on Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

Unlike their Republican brethren, the Democrats made every person in attendance a delegate to the County Assembly with the stated intention to encourage delegates and candidates from among "
women, minorities, and the disabled," according to Sioban Roder-Cox, who ran the meeting. There was no automatic preference for a member of the Central Committee or for an elected official to become a delegate to the Assembly.

The Assembly, Kathleen Conway, Elbert County Democratic Chairperson explained, would have a "surprise" candidate to oppose the Republican candidate from District One: not announced until then. She added that nominations would be made for a candidate for District Three Commissioner, and nominations would be made for State House District 64 as well.

The main business of the Caucus was to elect Committee Chairs for each precinct and to become acquainted with the positions of the candidates running for office this year. The Democrats have two candidates so far who were feted: Brandon Shaffer, who is running for Congressional House District 4 currently held by Mike Coffman; and Judge Ethan Feldman, who is running for District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District. Both are unopposed in the Party, so there will be no primary contest.

In all, 37 Democrats turned out for their precinct caucuses in Elbert County. They are all delegates to the County Assembly, which will be at the Exhibit Hall on the Fairgrounds in Kiowa beginning at 2:00 on March 17th.

Democrats Hold Caucuses;
Surprise Candidate to be Announced