Jacky Canton
The attraction of Jacky Canton's art is its unusual quality. It speaks to a primacy of the stone and its setting; it speaks to the earthiness of the fiber and its potential.

Her work can be found in the Carriage Shops in Elizabeth, but the places where it's displayed more fully are art shows. She just finished one in Denver and will be in Manitou Springs from August 31-September 2nd; Estes Park on September 14 & 15th. What makes her work stand out is its inventiveness and its attention to what the stone has to say.

An Elizabeth resident for 5 years, she and her husband, Tom, a geologist, have found the area peaceful and ideal for creation.

A jewelry artist since 1989, Canton collected really interesting stones since she could remember when her family visited National Parks, and she still looks for the unusual: agates from Mexico; petrified wood from Douglas County; lapis; azurite-all sorts of stones from across the world. "The pattern or color speaks to me." She sets them in silver, usually, although she has used copper and niobium as well, and creates "wearable art" that is one of a kind.

Fiber, to Jacky Canton, also speaks; but in a different way from jewelry. Using a technique called NUNO felting, she melds silk and wool, "rolling it 1,000 times" in order to make the fibers merge, then dyes it by hand, applying floral and abstract patterns. She uses local alpaca wool and also roving: the wool straight off the sheep, for her creations.

A classical flautist, Jacky Canton got a degree at CSU and co-founded the Colorado Wind Ensemble, with which she's played. She's interested in beginning a flute choir in the Elizabeth area, and is happy to take on some students.

Jacky Canton
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Jacky Canton:
Jewelry and Fiber Artist
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