The wind whipped through the pines at Casey Jones Park Pavilion all day; then just before the concert, it settled into a gentle breeze. So began the magic of the two acoustic musicians taking the stage. On May 26th Coyote Creek Concerts presented Moors and McCumber. James Moors, Kort McCumber, several acoustic guitars (6 & 12 string), a Tenor banjo, a mandolin, a dobro, an odd 8-string instrument called an Irish Bouzouki, and a harmonica named Fred make up the group, Moors and McCumber.

I'd liken Moors and McCumber to the harmonies of the Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, or Seals and Crofts. Vocally they stand in the same caliber as those performers, but this duo also brings a unique intimacy to their music. Listening to their songs is like sitting by the fireplace and hearing a friend spin tall tales, over a good scotch. The effect is very mellowing, like a cleansing rain after a long drought.

Listening closely, I could not detect a single orphaned note the entire night; the strings and voices intertwined, following each other's minutest variation in perfect balance. Considering the range of tempos in the various songs, especially involving the upbeat banjo licks, that was quite an accomplishment.

This is acoustic music at its finest; audiences can actually "hear the words" rather than being assaulted by overhyped volume. With acoustic music, individual notes ring true rather than being swallowed in a clutter of noise. While the "live" Moors and McCumber experience is preferred, their CDs also eschew the temptation of over-producing their artistry into a bland mass-produced electronic goulash. What you hear live is surprisingly close to the recordings -- a quality one hopes they do not lose in the future.

The music of Moors and McCumber reflects many influences; a little blues, some blue-grass, a little Smokey Hills, and a skosh of Celtic to round out the mix. Tossed together you get Americana styling's made exceptional by the blend of their excellent harmonies and exquisite instrumentation. This ain't your daddy's jug-band, these guys are talented and brilliant
Review: Moors and McCumber at Coyote Creek Concerts
musicians who are definitely worth following. As songwriters, vocalist, and instrumentalist they've got the whole package.

If you missed the concert it is truly your loss. Buy a CD (, have a glass of wine, and chill out for awhile.

Coyote Creek Concerts continues a fine tradition of bringing outstanding "live" music to Elbert County. Kudos!
By Mike Phillips